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Location Spotlight – Flower Mound

May 15, 2020 Blog 0

A History Of Excellence In Personalized Care Orthopedics Associates has been serving the communities in our area for 44 years. Many aspects of our lives have changed since our first facility opened in 1976. But…Read More

Dehydration And Joint Pain

May 1, 2020 Blog 0

How Your Body Uses Water Your body requires a sufficient amount of water in your system in order to operate properly, and there are a number of reasons why the process of remaining hydrated is…Read More

We’re Here for You – Help Us Be There for Others Too

May 1, 2020 Blog 0

For the protection of our staff and patients, all of us at Orthopedic Associates are wearing protective masks. It is vital that our facilities remain safe environments to treat the community. If you have an…Read More

Repairing Your Ligaments

April 21, 2020 Blog 0

Understanding Your Ligaments Your ligaments and tendons function in coordination with your muscles, joints, and bones in order for your body to make all movements that are needed during your day-to-day life. The ligaments and…Read More

How To Identify A Broken Wrist

April 14, 2020 Blog 0

The Anatomy Of Your Wrist You depend upon your wrist joint to assist in the process of allowing a full range of movement with your hands. It also supplies your source of strength whenever you…Read More

Do Your Ankles Hurt When You Run?

April 1, 2020 Blog 0

The Advantages Of Running The benefits of being involved with physical activity on a routine basis are enormous regardless of your age. Adults can decrease the risk of experiencing heart disease, high blood pressure, a stroke, and…Read More

Most Common Causes Of Neck Pain

March 20, 2020 Blog 0

Your neck, which is also referred to as the cervical spine, consists of vertebrae that progress from your upper torso to the lowest portion of your skull. These vertebrae are joined by your muscles, and…Read More

Foot Specialist Near Me

Common Foot Injuries From Running

March 9, 2020 Blog 0

Many dedicated runners will not allow cooler weather to prevent them from continuing their physical regimen. But rising temperatures will also increase the number of individuals who become involved with this form of exercise during…Read More