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Kent F. Dickson, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon Spotlight: Kent F. Dickson, M.D.

One of the benefits of visiting Orthopedic Associates is that you have access to a full range of services from a variety of specialists. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or you need treatment…Read More

Orthopedic Surgeon: Brady G. Giesler, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. Giesler

As you learn about our staff of highly skilled doctors at Orthopedic Associates, it’s easy to find a specialist for your individual needs. By providing specialists in focused areas of orthopedic care, we are confident…Read More

An Overview of Back Surgery and Spine Surgery

An Overview of Back Surgery and Spine Surgery

You’ve tried pain medications, physical therapy, and other non-invasive treatments… and now the orthopedic doctor is recommending surgery. The idea of back surgery might seem overwhelming, but modern technology has resulted in incredible advances in…Read More

James R. Heerwagen, M.D. at Orthopedic Associates

Orthopedic Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. Heerwagen

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Heerwagen At Orthopedic Associates, we are proud to offer a team of 12 specialists who can assist with a full range of conditions. Orthopedic specialists have focused-training beyond medical school, giving them…Read More

Rendering of Orthopedic Associates in Northlake , TX Coming in Fall of 2021

New Orthopedic Associates Location Coming To Northlake This Fall

Your convenience is of great importance when you need ongoing medical care, such as sports medicine and physical therapy. At Orthopedic Associates, we are proactive in providing quality, convenient services for all of our patients.…Read More

Official Announcement: Orthopedic Associates to Open New Location in Northlake, TX (Fall 2021)

January 15, 2021 News & Events, Northlake, TX 0

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each patient for trusting us with your orthopedic needs last year. We consider it a privilege to serve our community, schools, athletes, and families. We know…Read More

Sports Medicine Doctors in Denton, TX

Sports Medicine Doctors in Denton, TX

December 27, 2020 Denton, TX, Sports Medicine 0

If you’re an amateur athlete or enjoy time in the gym, physical activity is an integral part of your fitness. Not only do you spend time on strength training and cardio, but it’s common for…Read More

Orthopedic Surgeons in Denton

Orthopedic Surgeons in Denton, TX

December 13, 2020 Denton, TX, Orthopedic Surgery 0

Whether you have chronic pain or an acute injury, an orthopedic surgeon can provide diagnosis and treatment care to restore your health. The goal in the orthopedic field is to maintain function and strength in…Read More