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What are Shin Splints?

When you get home after your daily workout session, do you sometimes feel an aching in your shins? Running and jogging can be a great way to get your heart rate up, but it can…Read More

What Is Sports Medicine?

It can be disappointing to experience an injury that makes it hard to participate in your favorite sports activities. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, or something happened on the field resulting in an unexpected…Read More

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

July 10, 2020 Patient Education 0

The increased risk of bone fractures and breaks later in life is often associated with osteoporosis. Over time, this health condition causes the bones to weaken, so they can break easily. Whether you’ve been diagnosed…Read More

Location Spotlight – Orthopedic Associates in Denton, TX

At Orthopedic Associates, we are committed to providing the community with access to quality services to maintain your health and wellness. It can be a daunting experience to look for a sports medicine doctor or…Read More

Dehydration and Joint Pain: How Your Hydration is Affecting Joint Health

June 12, 2020 Patient Education 0

Most people are familiar with common signs of dehydration: muscle cramps, excessive thirst, and lightheadedness. But it is important to note that these symptoms occur when a person is severely dehydrated – other less-noticeable symptoms…Read More

How To Prevent Osteoporosis

May 30, 2020 Blog 0

Osteoporosis has been defined as a bone disease that causes a reduction in the strength of your bones. The literal meaning of the word is porous bone, and this condition also impacts your bone density.…Read More

Location Spotlight – Flower Mound

May 15, 2020 Blog 0

A History Of Excellence In Personalized Care Orthopedics Associates has been serving the communities in our area for 44 years. Many aspects of our lives have changed since our first facility opened in 1976. But…Read More

Dehydration And Joint Pain

May 1, 2020 Blog 0

How Your Body Uses Water Your body requires a sufficient amount of water in your system in order to operate properly, and there are a number of reasons why the process of remaining hydrated is…Read More