How Can A Sports Medicine Doctor Help You?

October 30th, 2018 Becki Andrus

Sports Medicine Doctor

Understanding the true definition of a sports medicine doctor is important, as is learning exactly how a sports medicine doctor can help you. Because you, or someone in your family, may need assistance from one of these certified professionals in the future.

Once you know the areas in which a sports medicine doctor is capable of providing assistance, it is just as critical to finding the right sports medicine doctor for you. But first, let’s clarify what a sports medicine doctor actually is. This refers to a doctor who has passed the Medical College Admissions Test and has also received a 4-year degree from a medical school. These doctors have also have served a 3-year residency, and a fellowship, which is similar to an internship in someone’s field of study.

After acquiring the vast knowledge that results from testing, obtaining a degree, and completing both a residency and a fellowship, physicians who then have completed their full training in sports medicine can assist in the total care of anyone who participates in any form of exercise, regardless of their level of athleticism.

It is important to clarify that even though sports medicine doctors can deliver an extensive experience in working with athletes and their various sports-related injuries, the broad definition of an athlete can be anyone who is involved with any type of recreational activity, regardless of their age, and the level of activity that they participate in. That means If you are involved in any form of recreational activities, then you qualify as an athlete.

The presence of sports medicine physicians is a positive development for you, regardless of if you are among those who are extremely active, or if you engage in basic exercise three days per week. It can also be beneficial if you have just returned to exercising, or if your limited weekly exercise places you under the category of “weekend warrior”. Because in addition to the numerous injuries that can cause pain, sports medicine doctors can help you with the various issues that can result from over-training, along with specific problems like fatigue.

This means that if you have an injury, a sports medicine doctor is a trained specialist who can assist you. They can make an assessment of your situation, and treat your sports-related health issues. Since 90% of these injuries do not require surgery, the chances are very high that this is exactly what you need.

sports injury doctor

But what about the remaining 10% of sports-related injuries that will involve surgery? In these situations, a sports medicine doctor will refer his/her patient to an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeons also specialize in the treatment of injuries and are highly experienced in the total care of your joints, muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. This involves prevention of injuries, and both the diagnosis and treatment of issues when they do occur. If you encounter a problem with your foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, hand or spine, orthopedic surgeons can come to your aid.

These physicians will always examine your non-surgical options. But of course, they can also perform surgery when it is needed. Orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors are very important for your recovery and overall health when you are experiencing an issue that is related to any type of sports or other activity. This makes it extremely beneficial to have sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons in the same building because having access to complete musculoskeletal care in one convenient location simply makes everything easier for you. Particularly if you suddenly find yourself in one of those situations in which you will need surgery.

That is just one of the advantages that we can offer at Orthopedic Associates, as our in-house surgery center can supply patients with a seamless process from diagnosis, to in-house imaging, to actual surgical care.

Our all-inclusive services are guided by eight board-certified physicians, and two board eligible physicians in orthopedic specialties, who have the expertise to deliver a full spectrum of musculoskeletal care. Our menu of comprehensive sports medicine services include x-rays and MRIs, as part of our in-house imaging, along with physical therapy, rehabilitation, and orthopedic trauma capabilities.

Then if surgery becomes the best option, we can also supply our experience in this area to match your specific medical needs. Our expertise includes any challenges that you may have with your neck, shoulder, back, hip, hands or wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, or foot.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the differences between sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons, along with how they can work together in diagnosing and treating injuries that occur through sports, or any recreational activities.

We also hope that if you find yourself in need due to any type of injury that has been discussed, that you will choose Orthopedic Associates as your resource for care. We can assist you with anything that can be found under the umbrella of sports medicine. Because our board-certified doctors offer the experience, the dedication, and the compassion to pinpoint your health issues and construct a plan to help you.

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