Exercising To Avoid And Improve Back Pain

January 11th, 2019 Becki Andrus
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Many educational topics regarding your body involve the specifics of various injuries, how you can determine whether or not you might be dealing with one of these injuries, and when you should visit a physician in order to determine why you are in pain.

While every aspect of these topics can be extremely critical, it is it can be beneficial to remember that maintaining good health and doing everything that you possibly can for yourself by strengthening areas of your body and can help you avoid many injuries as a result of your efforts.

For instance, back injuries can be problematic for multiple reasons. But if you currently do not have an issue with your back, then it may be helpful for you to take charge of your personal situation, and actively attempt to strengthen your back through the use of proper exercise. The goals in doing this would be to increase the chances that you will continue to avoid back issues by improving the level of strength in your back itself and also in your core.

Discuss Exercise With A Physician First

Before we proceed, it is extremely important to emphasize that this information in no way should be considered to be actual medical advice. Instead, you absolutely must seek the guidance of a physician and provide details about the current state of your back and your health before you begin any type of exercise program.

Also, once you are cleared to exercise, it is equally critical that you stop and consult a physician if you experience any pain or difficulty with exercising. There are some exercises that may be more appropriate and more beneficial for you than others, and there could easily be some activities that you need to avoid. 

But if you currently do not have a serious back issue, and you have the approval of a doctor, you can begin carefully doing specific exercises that will potentially help you avoid future issues by fortifying the strength of your back, along with other areas of your body that provide support.

Exercises To Strengthen Your Back And Core 

After you have discussed your situation with a doctor, and have been encouraged to proceed, you may still be concerned that exercises to strengthen your back and core might be difficult. However, you can simply do low impact exercises that will be very useful.

One example is to simply kneel down on the floor while using your hands and knees. You can then slowly lift one arm and extend it forward while making sure that you use your core muscles. Then, you lift your leg on the opposite part of your body and send it straight back with your boy with your toes while making sure that your toes are pointed downward. You then hold this pose with one arm straight and the opposite leg straight with toes down for 10 seconds. Finally, you repeat it at least three times, switch sides, and repeat the process again.

Another option is to do hip lifts. This will strengthen the muscles around your back along with your back itself. This is also a simple process in which you lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms lying beside you. As you make sure that your back is on the floor, you then slowly lift your midsection off the ground while making sure that you are using your legs arms and shoulders to maintain your balance. You then hold this position for 10 seconds and carefully lower yourself back to the floor. You then repeat this process five times while making sure that you are not over your taxing your back, and instead are using your core muscles each time you lift and lower yourself.

Exercises To Reduce Pain In Your Back 

It is also important to remember that some exercises will help strengthen your back and your core so that you hopefully avoid back issues, while other exercises can help ease actual back pain if you are dealing with it.

If you are already contending with back problems, the specific nature of what you are dealing with, what your injury is, what the prognosis is and what your doctor has told you all can determine specifically what you do to improve the issue, and to also sustain your health so that you avoid back problems in the future.

One exercise that can be effective is to do a series of wall sits. This involves pressing your back firmly against the wall and slowly sliding down until your knees are bent. Then, you hold this position for at least 10 seconds, while making sure your back remains against the wall. Then, you slide back up and repeat this process at least six times.

Pelvic tilts are also helpful, and this consists of lying on the floor with your knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor. At that point, you tighten your stomach and press your back into the floor. Your hips and pelvis should be tilted. This is similar to glute bridging, which also involves lying on your back with your knees bent and heels on the floor. You then push your heels into the floor and lift your hips into the air until they are in a straight line with your shoulders and knees. You should also tighten your abdominal muscles in order to avoid arching your lower back.

Exercises That You Should Avoid 

There are also exercises that you should avoid because they could cause problems for your back, rather than helping it. Toe touches are one example of this, as this exercise can potentially strain your ligaments. Sit-ups can create a problem in your discs. Leg lifts can increase the strength in your core, but lifting your legs can actually create a problem from placing too much strain on your back. You should discuss specific exercises that it is best to avoid during your initial conversation with a physician.  

At Orthopedic Associates, We Are Here To Help

If you have specific problems with your back or any questions or concerns related to your back, you can always contact us here at Orthopedic Associates. Our back doctor specialists take extreme care in not only getting you the best outcome possible, and will do everything possible to help you recover in a timely manner. We offer multiple solutions, some with or without surgery, making it easier to find a solution that works best for you.

Visit one of Orthopedic Associates two locations or request an appointment today to be on your way to feeling better. Our specialists treat a wide range of back conditions and are highly experienced in performing multiple types of treatments and surgeries.


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