5 Reasons You Need to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

April 2nd, 2018 Becki Andrus

Sports medicine doctors are more necessary than you might think. While you may go your entire life without needing to see one, that would be rare. Here are a few things that might let you know you need to see a sports medicine doctor.

Signs You Need to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

A sports medicine doctor can help with a multitude of problems. From sprained ankles to dislocated shoulders, they can do it all. A sports medicine doctor can help you with the many problems that arise living an active life, especially if you frequently play contact sports.

Sports medicine doctors are specialized in treating: sprains (most commonly ankle sprains), overuse injuries such as fractures, traumatic brain injuries like concussions, and acute illness. Sports medicine doctors can also help with life choices. For example, a sports medicine doctor will often be very active in the nutrition of their patients. A sports medicine doctor will also be the one who decides when an athlete can return to play.

Sports medicine doctors are an incredibly important part of active living. Without them, it would be easy for small, nagging problems to go unchecked. When this occurs, these small problems become much bigger. A sprained ankle treated incorrectly can quickly lead to a more serious tear. A good sports medicine doctor will keep their patients healthy by helping them to maintain activity, but will always allow the long-term to triumph. Being active every day is great, but not when it requires ignoring an injury. A sports medicine doctor stops this from occurring.

Sign #1: You Play Sports

This one seems obvious, but it can’t be ignored. You should consider seeing, and see, a sports medicine doctor if you play Sports Medicine Doctora lot of sports. You don’t need to have dreams of one day playing in the NBA to need a consultation from a sports medicine doctor. Sports at any level, and especially contact sports, can lead to huge injuries. You might be at risk for a muscle tear and be entirely unaware.

There are smaller problems that can come from sports, though. An untrained eye may not even notice them. For example, if you are an active runner, you can easily develop ankle problems. The added stress leaves you prone to fractures and tears.

Sign #2: You Go to the Gym

You might also want to see a sports medicine doctor if you’ve been hitting the gym. While working out is always great, you should be informed about the exercises you’re doing. Much like playing sports, the added muscular stress can cause unforeseen problems. A sports medicine doctor will help you to discover any flaws with your workout schedule, and let you know if there are any potential issues.

Sign #3: The Gym Isn’t Working

While you should see a sports medicine doctor if you’re going to the gym in general, you should absolutely see one if you aren’t seeing the desired effects. If you’re looking to lose weight, a sports medicine doctor will be able to discover any potential problems that might be holding you back. They will diagnose your diet, to make sure that you are eating well enough to lose weight. You can likely check this for yourself with information gathered at home, but help from a specialist has never lead to worse results.

A sports medicine doctor can also work with you to develop the best possible workout schedule for you. Like a personal trainer, a sports medicine doctor is prepared to get you where you want to be. A sports medicine doctor will even be able to help you find the motivation and discipline necessary to stick with your plan. Sports medicine is a blend of psychology and physical care that you can’t find anywhere else.

Sign #4: You Have Previously Had a Sports Injury

You may not have played football since high school, but your ankle still feels stiff sometimes from that one game. If this sounds like you, a sports medicine doctor will be able to help. They are prepared and trained to handle injuries over the long term, meaning they can help with any nags you might have. Sports medicine requires an extensive knowledge of all kinds of injuries, especially ones that lead to long-term issues. Concussions, for example, have been shown to lead to long-term brain injury. A physician would be able to help, but a sports medicine doctor is uniquely qualified to deal with these side effects.

Sign #5: You Googled Sports Medicine Doctors

If you’ve been considering seeing a sports medicine doctor, you should probably do it. No matter how small the problem is, it is worth it. Even if your doctor simply quells the anxiety you’ve had about your problems, you’ll feel better for seeing them. No one has ever said, “Man, I really wish I hadn’t seen that doctor.”


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