Orthopedic Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. J. David Evanich

May 25th, 2021 Becki Andrus
Orthopedic Surgeon J. David Evanich, M.D.

Our mission at Orthopedic Associates is to provide patients with highly specialized care from a team of doctors and industry experts. We’ve carefully selected staff members with knowledge and experience relating to the most common conditions in orthopedic medicine.

Dr. J David Evanich provides support in our in-house surgery center, offering a variety of services relating to sports medicine and surgical treatments.

Our entire team of 12 physicians, offers full-service solutions to address everything from acute injuries to chronic pain. These services are available for patients of all ages, helping each person enjoy a full and thriving life.

Dr. Evanich specializes in hips and knees, with other supportive care from partnering providers if additional services are required for different areas of the body.

Dr. Evanich: Orthopedic Training and Experience

His medical education was completed at the University of Texas – Southwestern Medical School, where he graduated as an MD in 1995. Dr. Evanich continued his education through residency and internships: at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from 1995 – 2000. And he completed a fellowship in Adult Joint Reconstruction and Replacement in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the University of Utah in 2001.

Dr. Evanich continued his industry specialization by achieving two board certifications through the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery: Orthopedic Surgery in 2003 and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine in 2007.

Industry Honors and Awards

Review Dr. Evanich’s bio page, and you’ll find a long list of awards and honors he’s received over the years. He provided medical support for athletes in the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics, earned the Leonard Marmor Surgical Arthritis Foundation Award, and was voted Best Orthopedic Surgeon of Flower Mound by Living Magazine.

Specialized Care for Knees & Hips

Patients requiring diagnosis and treatments for knees and hips can benefit from the services available from Dr. Evanich. His expertise is in minimally invasive surgical techniques, including ligament reconstruction and arthroscopy. He also has extensive experience in both partial and total joint replacement.

Dr. Evanich has been serving the local community since 2001. One of his notable achievements is his collaboration to assist in forming the hospital’s Advanced Joint Replacement Center (AJRC), where he served as the first director for the center.

Families and patients are highly satisfied with Dr. Evanich’s services because he goes above and beyond basic medical care. He takes the time to provide extensive education for families and patients, offers comprehensive multimodal anesthesia, is precise and efficient in surgical treatments, and speeds up healing using proprietary rapid recovery pathways.

Dr. Evanich also looks beyond the community for opportunities to help individuals and families enjoy healthy lifestyles. He assists in delivering surgical services for patients in various third-world countries by serving on a nonprofit: the Physician Leadership Council of One World Surgery. This organization partners with healthcare providers, communities, and industry leaders to confront the global health crisis.

Hip Treatments at Orthopedic Associates

If you need diagnosis and treatment for a knee or hip condition, schedule a consultation with Dr. Evanich or one of the other specialists at Orthopedic Associates. The approach is to focus on conservative, non-invasive treatments, including both surgical and non-operative solutions for relief. Additional intensive surgical solutions are also available as needed.

The hip joint is comprised of a ball and socket, requiring a wide range of mobility and motion to support a big load each day. When the hip joint is compromised, seemingly small daily tasks can be quite painful, such as sitting or walking. Luckily, modern medicine and technological advancements make it possible to restore function and improve your quality of living.

Here is an overview of available hip treatments from Dr. Evanich and the team at Orthopedic Associates:

  • Absorbable Antibiotic Bead Treatments
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
  • Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
  • Bone Cement Injection
  • Bone Density Scan
  • Mini Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Revision Hip Surgery
  • Partial/Total Hip Resurfacing
  • Periacetabular Osteotomy
  • Stem Cell Therapy

Each patient receives a thorough examination and appropriate testing to determine an accurate diagnosis. Then, the best treatment is selected to address a range of hip conditions, such as osteomyelitis, sports injuries, fractures, hip dislocation, hamstring muscle injuries, snapping hip syndrome, osteoarthritis, and more.

Orthopedic Associates: Knee Treatments

When you visit Dr. Evanich and the full-service staff at Orthopedic Associates, you can expect to receive high-quality care from diagnosis to recovery. It’s no surprise that knee pain can be debilitating. The function of this joint is critical to daily movement, including both strenuous activities and gentle walking.

If you are experiencing knee pain or limited mobility, then it’s time to schedule a consultation with an orthopedic specialist. Available treatments can address a variety of knee conditions, such as meniscus tear, fractures of the tibial spine, problems with the anatomy of the knee, quadriceps tendon tear, shin splints, deep vein thrombosis, ACL tear, MCL injury, and more.

Available knee treatments include:

  • ACL Reconstruction
  • Cartilage Repair
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Meniscus Repair
  • OrthoGlide Medial Knee Implant
  • Lateral Release and Medial Imbrication
  • Computed Tomography Scan
  • Guided Steroid Injections
  • Joint Arthroscopy
  • Revision Knee Surgery
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Mini Incision Total Knee Replacement

Patient Reviews: Quality Services from Dr. Evanich

Dr. Evanich offers personalized medical care, with a focus on building authentic relationships with all patients who come to the office for care. Look online to read his physician reviews, and you’ll see that Dr. Evanich has a stellar history in the local industry:

  • He is Superman! Dr Evanich has replaced both my knees. I’m walking normally now after years of knee pain. He and his staff are lifesavers. They restore a normal life from one of pain and limping. I definitely recommend to anyone experiencing joint problems to him and his whole staff. (Healthgrades)
  • I can’t recommend a Doc and all his staff who would be capable of replacing both my knees with this kind of professionalism and courtesy. They are PROS and simply the best!! (Vitals)
  • The hip surgery could not have gone better. From the courteous and efficient staff, to the hospital stay, and to the rehabilitation center, everything was A+++ for Dr. Evanich. I would highly recommend him for hip and knee surgery. (Healthgrades)

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Evanich

If you are experiencing any pain in your hips or knees, then Dr. Evanich is available for a consultation. Schedule an appointment for an exam and diagnosis. Then, the team at Orthopedic Associates will work to create a personalized treatment plan to address your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about available services.

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